Learning without End: Gongmei United Kingdom and Samsung Networks to Build Learn


In order to build professional, efficient and energetic professional team and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, Gome Group has set up Gome Business School in conjunction with Anglo Sachs. Gome Business School was held on December 28, 2018.

Gumei Group Chairman Chen Dongsheng, Group Supervisor Huang Jinyi, Group Vice President Zheng Zhouli, Group Vice President Wang Lianfa, Quanzhou Human Resources Management Association Supervisor Lu Yundian, Yingsheng Quanzhou Regional General Manager Song Chunlan attended the inaugural meeting, and attended the meeting with all managers and above.

Chairman Chen Dongsheng addressed the meeting. Learning is very important for both individuals and enterprises. We must live and learn from time to time. The company's "gratitude, kindness, responsibility and modesty", which refers to "modesty", is that we should be modest, modest learning, in order to achieve greater progress.
Over the years, the company has made long-term development, we now have good resources, channels and products, but the talent gap has always existed, the company team still has a lot of room for progress. We have also taken many measures to improve our team. Including the establishment of training courses, external teacher training, employing in-house trainers and so on... However, there are more or less deficiencies, and the shortage of related training capabilities of enterprises limits the development of the company. Yingsheng has a long history, all aspects of the company meet the relevant requirements, so this cooperation is also successful.
I hope that you will study hard and use what you have learnt and thought in your practical work so as to form a good atmosphere of comprehensive learning in the company.

Song Chunlan, regional general manager of Yingsheng Quanzhou, said that as an old online learning and service training platform, Yingsheng Network has long been committed to solving the difficult problems that can not meet the individual needs in enterprise training, helping enterprises to improve their employee post competency and timely solve work problems, so as to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.
Yingsheng Networks will persist in continuous efforts and innovations to build a high-quality professional online business school for Gome.

At the meeting, a brief and solemn licensing ceremony was held. Lu Yundian, chairman of Quanzhou Human Resources Management Association, awarded Gome Business School plaque to Chen Dongsheng.

The formal establishment of Gumei Business School is an important step for the group to build standardized training, and also an important part of the strategy of talent revitalization. On this basis, Gumei's brand of learning enterprises will be more obvious. The two sides will surely achieve good results in their next cooperation.