Franchise Policy
  • 01

    Store Image Support

    Assist in the design of monopoly stores; provide store signs, image walls, body stickers and other image materials, license plates, well-known Chinese trademarks and other material plaques.

  • 02

    Marketing Promotion Support

    Every year, not less than 20 million people are invested in overall publicity, and distributors are supported to carry out regional promotion, such as opening promotion, shop recruitment, marketing meetings, etc.

  • 03

    Market Development Support

    Assist distributors to make market planning, and send salesmen to assist in market development.

  • 04

    Stamping Die Support

    Examination and approval of delivery of more than 5 tons, a hand-made die, to achieve the contract target, and give two more.

  • 05

    Promotion/Material Support

    Free gift of certain promotional products (tea sets, tapes, cultural shirts, picture albums, etc.).

  • 06

    Die support

    According to the local market demand for products, the company can tailor-made open-die production.

  • 07

    Product Display Support

    Provide some support for exhibition hall construction, product display frame production, 3D video and so on.

  • 08

    Training support

    Provide all-round product, sales skills, technology, service training.

  • 09

    Regional protection support

    Headquarters formulates unified market rules, limits business circles, ensures the exclusive operation of dealers in a certain area, and avoids vicious competition.

  • 10

    Information Platform Support

    The company will provide a unified 400-8866-589 national service telephones, website platform, enterprise newspaper platform, Wechat public number platform.

  • 11

    Freight subsidy

    The corresponding freight subsidy shall be provided according to the actual pick-up volume.

  • 12

    More support

    Detailed enquiries 400-8899-589